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People, Places, Things...

The interactions among this trio creates a situation that raises emotions. Emotions which are usually more memorable than the situation itself. And once separated, taken out of context and completely isolated one to the other, each creates a world of its own, just as facinating.


My name is Alon Melamed, and I catch emotions and worlds through my photography.


I have been interested  in photography since an early age, and the passion slowly grew into a profession along the years. Photography for me is a therapy, it is the time I allow my inspiration and creativity rule my life, thinking only of light, shadows, composition and feelings...


I love shooting landscapes, working in the studio, shooting people,  and  still-life and arts. I prefer the peaceful technical shootings, where planning leads to results.

I am a member of the Israeli Photographic Art Society (IPAS).

Looking forward hearing from you...

Email:                                   Phone:  123-456-7890

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